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Hi! 👋  My name is Bryan Gancedo-Gonzalez. With over six years of experience as a multidisciplinary designer, my passion lies in crafting captivating Motion Design solutions and systems for brand purposes.

I've had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed clients and contributing to amazing projects with studios and agencies, all within the dynamic environment of remote teamwork.

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Industry: Events/Music
On November 4th 2023, Red Bull Culture Clash made its return to Atlanta after a five-year hiatus to celebrate the city’s diverse music communities and their related party atmospheres, including amapiano, dancehall, hip-hop and reggaeton, showcasing just what the South had to say in one of the most dynamic RBCC lineups ever!

I had the chance to direct and create (design and motion) the whole set of screen designs for this large event, thanks to Tre James, founder of Production Rockstars and Executive Producer of the 2023 Red Bull Culture Clash in Atlanta.

Industry: Events/Music
The competition was split into four rounds with crews performing eight-minute sets each: (1) Temperature’s Rising, (2) The Selector, (3) Sleeping with the Enemy, (4) The Decider. After each performance crowd noise determines the winner. The audio meter visual was therefore extremely important for the show.

I worked closely with the project team in order to face the many technical aspects of producing such a large events, with a total of 10 immense screens simultaneously displaying the motion assets. The team did a fantastic work and guided me very well towards a successful completion of this production.