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Hi! 👋  My name is Bryan Gancedo-Gonzalez. With over six years of experience as a multidisciplinary designer, my passion lies in crafting captivating Motion Design solutions and systems for brand purposes.

I've had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed clients and contributing to amazing projects with studios and agencies, all within the dynamic environment of remote teamwork.

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Industry: Art/Culture
Baseline is a magazine that aims to be perceived as a piece of design itself. It presents culture and history related to the creative world of a specific city or region, with a particular attention to graphic design. Its main goal being to let people discover or rediscover places through their creative culture, I decided to dedicate the first edition of Baseline to the city I grew in : Liège

The book format and its grid are based on one main principle, which was inspired by the idea of "discovery", as Baseline invites us to discover or rediscover places through art and design.
The cover is cut at about a quarter of the format, which lets us see the inside of the book partly when it is closed, and lets us view how it has been binded.

Industry: Art/Culture
The cutout in the cover then expands to the modular grid, which creates spaces either left empty or filled with text, annotations, images, or textured gradients screen printed by hand. Baseline is split in three main parts: History, and two Projects categories, which are determined by the origin of these projects; the first one being for rather supervised projects, and the second one more oriented towards street culture, and small projects. Each of these three chapters are characterized by a different use of the grid, a specific paper, and a different use of typography.